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Fitted sliding door wardrobes are an ideal and stylish solution for most spaces, especially if you have little or not enough space for standard hinged door wardrobe to open. All our built in sliding wardrobes are completely bespoke and made to measure to meet everyone expectation and needs, we can supply and fit our sliding wardrobes to customers with any taste or budget!

When making a mark on a home people like nothing more than adding their own touches to a room and we have plenty of choices to meet even the most quirky and unusual tastes. We can produce bespoke fitted hinged door wardrobes in any style and colour. Whether a client likes contemporary or classic, prefers natural wood or acrylic gloss and everything in between we can satisfy that bespoke need!

Every home tends to have that one awkward space that is not fit for anything, a space that if it was a little bigger, wider, taller etc would be the perfect space and yet as it stands it is unusable. A sloping ceiling might also be something that seemingly renders a space unusable. However using the bespoke joinery skills of Kleiderhaus these spaces could be turned into a functional and attractive storage space, turning them from barren dumping grounds into invaluable storage solutions.

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FERO AIR – the crown jewel of the KLEIDERHAUS & SLIDER line of products, the exclusive glorying of the entire team. Sliding dividers enable effective and light-weight partitioning
of office, home, wardrobe and other spaces. FERO AIR solution is a mixture of the outstanding number of
functional accents and delicate variety of available colours: silver, white, glossy champagne.
It is a system that deserves to decorate the most expensive and most conceptual interiors…

A built in walk-in wardrobe might seem like something out of a film but they’re fast becoming an extremely practical storage option to any home. Perhaps most people think they need a large property to house a walk in wardrobe however using the bespoke joinery skills of Kleiderhaus could mean fitting a made to measure furniture solution to any size space, no matter how awkward it may seem.

The majority of homes have books or special items that they like to have on display. They might have books in every room for a different purpose or a collection in a specific place. Either way, a bookcase tends to be the way people gain easy access to their reading material. A family might like the idea of having fitted bookcases or in order to have the flexibility of changing a room around they could prefer a free-standing bookcase. Likewise when displaying ornaments or items of value people may like to have built in display furniture or a bespoke item for the home or office that they could use for collections or trinkets.

Kleiderhaus could provide any kind of bespoke furniture as a made to measure bookcase or display unit. We recognise that often a book collection or ornamental display is unique to the owner in terms of size and type and therefore needs something special for it to reside in. A collection may be too large for off the shelf furniture and so made to measure furniture could be the best solution all around.

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We're here to help so any questions you have about our bespoke products or services then please get in touch - we'll be happy to hear from you.

Home Office Furniture is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. However, many people are not home prepared to use the cheap type of flat-pack furniture that was once the norm for home offices and is seeking higher quality, just like the rest of the furniture in their home. Perhaps when working from home either for your own business, using fitted furniture to create the perfect working environment is ideal and great for making the most of the space you have.

Most of the houses have unusable understairs space which isn’t used, we recognise that every square foot of a home should contribute to the home in some way and we’re firm believers that any space however redundant at first could be turned into something wonderful with a bit of creativity. We can turn any understairs space into a useful and beautiful haven.

A home is not complete without a KITCHEN. However, it should not just be one that is composed of a fridge freezer, cupboards, cabinets and sink. What you need are fitted kitchen.

Fitted kitchens are the ones you need if you want to make sure that your cooking and even dining area fit the theme of your home, as well as the space that you have assigned for your kitchen. Moreover, fitted kitchens have a sense of functionality, besides possessing excellent design.

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Why Kleiderhaus ?

UK's No.1 For Fitted Furniture

At Kleiderhaus we produce only highest quality fitted furniture made from the best quality accessories and materials. All our furniture is completely bespoke, made to measure to suit any space.

15 Year Fitted Furniture Guarantee

All our fitted wardrobes and cupboards comes with 15 year guarantee!
This include all moving parts parts, drawer runners, sliding door gear or soft closing door hinges.

Soft Close Systems as Standard

We use only highest quality soft closing systems: easy touch soft closing drawer runners, BLUM soft closing door hinges and all our sliding doors comes with soft closing systems as Standard.

Genuinely Made in UK

All our furniture and sliding doors is manufactured in Bedford, UK.
Everyone is welcomed at our workshop.
We do not subcontract any of the work, nor design, manufacturing, assembly or installation. 100% made in UK

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What Are The Benefits Of Fitted Furniture?

  • Maximise your available space – Fitted furniture are, as name suggests, made to precisely fit the dimensions of your room. Not only does this mean there are no awkward spaces in between pieces of fitted furniture, but it also allows you to make the most of every scrap of available space in your bedroom or any other space.
  • Increase your storage options – Fitted furniture offer exceptional storage spaces because they make the most of the dimensions of your room and are tailored to your individual needs and space available. Fitted furniture maximises your storage to the very maximum.
  • Low Maintenance – Not only will Fitted furniture make your room look great, but are also incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike free standing furniture, fitted furniture will be installed from the floor to the ceiling, meaning dust will never gather on the top.
  • Bespoke to your requirements – What enables fitted furniture or fitted bedroom to offer all the benefits mentioned above is that fitted furniture is designed and manufactured to your bespoke specifications and adapted to your requirements. This makes the finished result completely individual and highly practical, as well as making sure the bespoke furniture accurately reflects every single one of your needs.

In addition, there are wide range of finishes, styles and designs available, that enable clients to know the greatness on choosing made to measure fitted furniture!