Truly Bespoke Made To Measure Fitted Loft Wardrobes & Storage Cupboards

Highest quality custom made fitted Loft wardrobes, awkward space storage solutions, designed, manufactured and installed by Kleiderhaus ltd.

We Produce Fitted Loft Wardrobes To Suite Any Awkard Space Or Budget!!!

Fitted Loft Sliding Door wardrobes
Custom made fitted loft wardrobes with sliding doors
Fitted Loft Hinged Door Wardrobes
Custom Made fitted loft wardrobes with hinged doors
Awkward space isn't an abstacle
awkward space solutions could mean having the storage you have always dreamed of.

Every home tends to have that one awkward space that is not fit for anything, a space that if it was a little bigger, wider, taller etc would be the perfect space and yet as it stands it is unusable. A sloping ceiling or loft bedroom might also be something that seemingly renders a space unusable. However using the bespoke joinery skills of Kleiderhaus these spaces could be turned into a functional and attractive storage space, turning them from barren dumping grounds into invaluable storage solutions. We produce fitted loft wardrobes with sliding and hinged doors, any awkward space isn’t an obstacle to have beautiful fitted furniture!

Fitted Loft Wardrobes & Awkward Space Storage Solutions

Kleiderhaus produce truly bespoke fitted furniture to suite any awkward space, loft converted bedroom, sloping ceilings !

Kleiderhaus create many kinds of made to measure furniture options including sloping ceiling wardrobes, Fitted loft wardrobes and awkward space furniture. We recognise that every square foot of a home should contribute to the home in some way and we’re firm believers that any space however redundant at first could be turned into something wonderful with a bit of creativity. We can turn any spare space or loft bedroom into a useful haven with fitted sloping ceiling wardrobes.

Our expertise is second to none when it comes to made to measure fitted foft wardrobes or any other bespoke furniture !!!

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Why Kleiderhaus ?

UK's No.1 For Fitted Furniture

At Kleiderhaus we produce only highest quality fitted furniture made from the best quality accessories and materials. All our furniture is completely bespoke, made to measure to suit any space.

15 Year Fitted Furniture Guarantee

All our fitted wardrobes and cupboards comes with 15 year guarantee!
This include all moving parts parts, drawer runners, sliding door gear or soft closing door hinges.

Soft Close Systems as Standard

We use only highest quality soft closing systems: easy touch soft closing drawer runners, BLUM soft closing door hinges and all our sliding doors comes with soft closing systems as Standard.

Genuinely Made in UK

All our furniture and sliding doors is manufactured in Bedford, UK.
Everyone is welcomed at our workshop.
We do not subcontract any of the work, nor design, manufacturing, assembly or installation. 100% made in UK